Freeridetour der Woche | Col de Queyrettes Ecrins

Freeridetour mit steiler und sehr langer Abfahrt, die oft guten Schneebedingungen bietet


All freeriders who are riding in Puy saint Vincent (with great possibilities for powder riding, between trees or in open terrain) will be looking at the huge backside of the station at some point. The col de Bal encompasses immense terrain with lots of powder, but above this ?secret spot? are plenty of nice couloirs and faces to be done. The most classic line is the Col de Queyrettes, where good snow conditions are quite normal. And whilst you are walking up you will see enough nice faces for weeks of freeriding.





Freeriders, people who prefer the down, will start at the Col de Bal just above the ski station of Puy Saint Vincent. Take the highest lift in the direction of the Pendine, from there walk up to the actual summit. From the summit slide down in the direction of the col on the south side of the ridge. At a small col, before the col itself, turn to the north side. From there you can either traverse as much as possible to the right in the direction of the col, whilst being aware of windslab danger, or if you don’t mind walking up a little more ski down the classic and often really good Col de Bal descent.
When you arrive in the valley, you put on the skins and you start the quite straight forward climb to the Col de Queyrettes, the easiest, fastest and nicest track climbs next to the Lac de Neyzets, before tackling the last face. If the conditions are really safe, you can also go for the Pointe de Queyrettes with it’s nice 40° slope.




The descent roughly follows the way up. While walking uphills you can already check the conditions and which faces you want to ski. Thanks to all the small vallons in this area, you will always find good snow. Sometimes you even have the choice between light powder snow on the north faces and perfect corn on the north faces. When you arrive at the point where you started the climb, continue and keep to the right, follow the tracks from the station till you reach the bleu skirun, which will bring you back to the station.





Schwierigkeit (5-stufige Skala): ***
Besondere Gefahren: The last face is really avalanche prone
Durchschnittliche Steilheit/Maximale Steilheit: 30°/ 40°
Exposition: NE
Höhenmeter Start und Ziel: 2.749 m | 2390 m | 3135 m |1400 m m
Höhenmeter bergauf und bergab: 800 m | 2200 m
Dauer: 4h
Beste Jahreszeit: December – April

Unterkunft: Diverses im Ecrins
Adressen: Puys St. Vincent
Topografische Karten: IGN Orcieres Merlette 3437 ET 1/25000


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