Spring-Skiing Japan 2015 | Teil 5

Wet Dreams in the Hida Mountains, V: Shakushi Northeast Couloir


Continuing with the theme of objectives not immediately in view from the window, the Northeast Couloir of Shakushidake entices the ambitious when viewed from popular resorts to the north of the valley. However dreamy this line seems from afar, it requires an early start just to get to. And like most things in Hakuba, the weather windows are few and far between. It requires much tenacity to get this line in good snow.When we felt things were right, the early start led to a sunrise, the sunrise to the Daisekkei, the Daisekkei to the climb, and the climb to ice about 100 meters from the top. As circumstances would have it the full line wasn’t meant to be. Ambitions, early starts, and tenacity combined are still sometimes not enough, at least to top out. We weren’t going to worry about just the tip. Even without the very top, good snow lasted where it counted.