Conditionsupdate Japan II



Winter. It came for a brief moment. We welcomed snowfall in the valley with more gratitude than usual. Hope that our favorite runs would fill in was briefly restored. Whisky consumption had a positive rather than bitter note to it.

Though snow has continued to fall in bits and pieces, it's been a fraction of what we need. Here and there, glimpses of winter still grace us in the form of snow accumulation on tree branches and smiles on faces after making good turns. Still, they are but brief moments. Wind and rain continue to plague Japow. The bits of good skiing we get often do little but remind us how bad it is, how out of shape we are. Especially considering the grim conditions, it's very easy to argue that good moments aren't properly fulfilling. One can say that life needs to be more than just a passing moment.

As always, bad skiing can translate to good ski photos. Faking it until we make it seems to be working, at least from behind the lens. Keeping the moments worthwhile in mind has been the name of the game this season in Ja(not)pow. So while it still sucks that the moments of suck are so common this year, the good moments have been good and very worth holding onto. Maybe it's the copious amounts of suck that make the good all the gooder...maybe it makes us appreciate what we get.

Regardless, for me, life can be broken down from something complex to something simple. It may not be possible to put into words or pictures, but our lives can be summed up by the memories we keep: the drops, streams, and rivers of moments we hold onto. So while one might want to believe that life amounts to more than a passing moment, that's all it really is: a string of moments put together that we can choose to remember and hold onto, or forget and let go. Whether we choose to hold onto the suck or the good is our choice.



With that in mind, I'll take all the good moments I can, and continue to share as they come. A life spent finding a moment is a life with direction and appreciation.