Anden Abenteuer statt Nordsommer IV

The storm that wasn't


Im Las Leñas Tagebuch von Zach Paley geht es diesmal um den Wetterbericht: Wenn man sich nur darauf verlassen kann, dass man sich nicht darauf verlassen kann, muss man sich beim Skifahren einfach selbst eine Meinung bilden.

If you’ve ever been to the Andes, you understand weather forecasting is much like predicting the moods of an angst filled teenager. So far this winter, things have been relatively consistent with what is forecasted, an unusual trend. Storms that show up on the radar eventually show up in the skies. We were just starting to be concerned some greater power was out of place when things returned to normal. Any weather forecast has been completely inaccurate for the past week.

With things back to normal, the only option has been to go skiing every day and see what things are like, and hope conditions prove to be favorable for a ski. I mentioned a large storm on its way in my last post, which promised ample downtime and no shortage of near insanity. The forecasted five-day storm did last all five days, but only at night. Skies cleared each morning, and only trace amounts of snow fell each evening. With each snowfall came wind that buffed things out and delivered Andes style free refills on all aspects.

Regardless of the forecast, chairlifts are due to spin until 5 October as of now. With lots of hiking on the horizon, we plan to make the most of mechanized uphill while we can!