Anden-Abenteuer statt Nordsommer III

The Eye of the Storm


Zach Paley berichtet von Neuschnee und angespannter Schlechtwetter-Langeweile in Las Leñas.

In true bittersweet fashion, winter refuses to give up! Weather cycles have continued to roll in, giving only brief breaks in between each storm. Though the storms aren’t delivering major amounts of snow, the cold temperatures and light snow are refreshing things nicely up high, and preventing lines from melting out down low. The only problem with the arrival of weather is that it’s not possible to get out and ski where we want.

The lifestyle here is quite the contrast: skiing and hiking hours past the point of exhaustion for several days, followed several days of slow and sleepy puttering about with a book and bottomless glass of tea. As tough as motivating through exhaustion can be, it’s much preferred to fighting boredom on the couch in anticipation of the days to come. With a six day streak of storm time coming up, our longest yet, tensions might be running a bit high by the end. Like all lemons though, they turn to lemonade with enough effort.