Anden-Abenteuer statt Nordsommer I – Las Lenas

Fortsetzungsreportage von Ganzjahresskifahrer Zach Paley | Anden, Teil I: Las Lenas


It seems everyone comes out to play in the summer. Even those of us that love the snow find other ways to stay entertained in the mountains. For a while, it seems winter can be forgotten. Though for some, something is missing.

Eventually, those of us that feel this way grow tired of the hot summer days. Sun soaked summer skin loses its allure. There's a yearning to do something that doesn't involve rock, dirt, grass, sand, or water that isn't frozen. So after deliberation, employment negotiation, finance manipulation, significant other separation, and travel embarkation, we find ourselves somewhere far from home, feeling strangely at home, once again, on snow. In my case it took planes, buses, taxis, and 'no nintendos' spread out over about six days. Worth it? Absolutely.Conditions in Las Lenas have been very good, with a solid base going into the warmer season. Corn skiing to the north, and chalky powder to the south is a nice reminder I'm in the southern hemisphere. If you are willing to work for your turns things get even better up high. For now, an introduction, and a few photos will hopefully set the trend for the next couple of months. There is much to do before it starts snowing in the northern hemisphere!